9 Fruits To Facilitate Defecation

A healthy digestion is characterized by the smooth defecation. The easiest solution for a bowel movement is to eat high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables. One of the main benefits of fruit is maintaining digestive health because it contains lots of water and high fiber. Some types of fruit to launch a bowel movement include:

1. Papaya
This fruit provides abundant fiber so it is very good for digestion and a bowel movement. High water content in it also provides relief to overcome constipation. Consume at least 2 pieces of papaya fruit every day to keep your digestion smooth and free from constipation.

2. Bananas
This fruit contains high calories that are less suitable for the diet, but this fruit also provides fiber that can help facilitate defecation while cleaning the digestive system. Constipation can be the cause of distended stomach which will eventually result in your weight gain. Improper digestion can also cause many diseases in the intestine. Eat bananas with enough portion and not excessive, so you can benefit without having to worry about becoming fat.

3. Wine
Aqueous fruits are the perfect choice for a bowel movement as a natural laxative. Grapes also provide high antioxidants that help reduce exposure to harmful antioxidants. For a bowel movement, eat 1 cup of fresh grapes every day.

4. Apple fruit
Apple is classified as high-fiber foods that if consumed regularly can provide relief to your digestion. Pectin in apples is useful as an anti-inflammatory agent that prevents inflammation in our digestive system. In addition pectin that has a gel-like shape can make us full longer so that makes us not easily hungry, this is certainly very beneficial for people who are on a diet.

5. Avocado fruit
Avocado is a healthy fruit that contains high nutrients. This fruit provides high fiber, which is about 25% in 100 grams. Avocado fruit is also a perfect diet because it has the ability to control blood cholesterol levels which in turn will help lower the risk of heart disease. If you want to launch a bowel movement, make sure the fruit is included in your daily menu.

6. Blackberry
This fruit has a high antioxidant content. Almost all berry families provide high antioxidants that are important to the body. In addition to the benefits of antioxidant, blackberries can also help launch a bowel movement because it contains high fiber. In 100 grams of fresh blackberries it meets about 20% of the recommended fiber requirement. Combine blackberry with other fruit to increase your daily fiber intake.

7. Pear
The pear has a texture similar to that of an apple, but with a higher water content. This fruit provides high in vitamins and fiber that helps maintain digestive health. This fruit also has a pectin content as well as a useful apple to reduce inflammation in the digestive system.

8. Raspberries
In addition to blackberries, raspberries are also a good choice to launch a bowel movement. Berry family members provide high fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. High content of antioxidants in raspberries will provide many benefits to your overall health.

9. Melon
This fruit is very refreshing because it contains high water, especially if consumed during hot weather. Melon fruit contains high fiber and water that can be used to launch a bowel movement. Mineral content in this fruit can also keep the fluid balance in the body to prevent dehydration. When our body is hydrated then the digestive process will work well.

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