8 Simple Ways to Keep the Brain Sharpness


The more older our age, the brain’s performance was declining. Our brains are not “sharp” ¬†again. This is a normal thing to be experienced by everyone. ¬†The good news recent study states there are several ways to improve our brain power, quoted from page Indiatimes, Saturday (12/26/2015):

1. Appearance of clothing

Sometimes the appearance determines everything. Some psychological studies find, dressed more formally than usual encourage people to think conceptually.

For example, Steve Jobs and his turtleneck- shirt. This meant he was more concerned with overall idea rather than just focus on the small details.

2. Walking 2 miles a day

When we explore the surroundings, the brain tends to be in neuroplastic condition, ready to absorb more information.

In addition, regular exercise such as walking is also helpful to lower the risk of dementia later in life by 60 percent.

3. Stop googling

Has the Internet made us so stupid? It all depends on how we use it. The easier the information obtained, the more difficult to remember because we tend to not overuse the brain as in the process of getting it.

So rather than look it up on Google, choose another way to understand and learn new topics such as reading the books related to it or ask a friend who mastered it. Thus the brain and memory we will develop the ability to accommodate more detailed information.

4. Learn

We must sharpen the mind in order to stay sharp. A study conducted by Swedish researchers shows, learn a new language as an adult can develop the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, the part of the brain associated with thinking, memory and action.

5. Consumption of olives and nuts

The Mediterranean diet is often associated with high quality of life for those who live it. A study this year to support this opinion. According to the study, eating olives and nuts are rich in vitamin E helps keep the brain healthy throughout life.

6. Practicing yoga

In addition to making the body more supple and fit, studies show yoga is also beneficial boost memory. A study in 2014 reveal that yoga included in the combination therapy is able to restore memory in Alzheimer’s patients.

7. The quality of sleep

The number of devices scattered around the area of sleep causes a disruption of the quality of our sleep. This will make the brain could not rest well. During sleep the brain cells get rid of toxins that slow down the performance of the brain.

8. Avoid multitasking

Doing several things at once does not necessarily improve your performance. Dividing attention to many things to make the brain out of focus. Instead, focus on doing one thing at a time is even more effective.

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