Colon Cleansing For Detoxification

Colon cleanse program

Some medicine and medical experts believe that dirty colon is the source of various diseases.  An American researcher, Dr. Harvey W. Kellogg surgeon revealed that 90% of human had dirty colon and only 6% had clean colon. The food precipitated for over time to be toxic and when the digestive system processed the sludge mixed with food and contraction.


When a person aged 70 years old in his body storing sludge about 30 pounds in his colon. A dirty colon will contract with the blood that cause the blood become dirty and cause various diseases such as constipation, metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, kidney and liver disease, vision and hearing disorders, cancer, arthritis and other diseases.

The purpose of detoxification is to cleanse the colon of harmful substances that comes into the body through food, drinks, pollution and repairing the sewage system of the body. Parts of the body which important in the process of detoxification are the liver and colon. Cleansing colon regularly can release various digestive diseases, such as constipation, reducing the risk of colon cancer or other disorders digestive system.

Here are some tips on how to clean the colon:

1. Consuming fibrous foods

One of the natural and simple way to cleanse the colon is to reduce eating of food fat and sodium (sodium), consuming fibrous foods about 30 mg per day.  Fibrous food obtained from fruit or vegetables. A high-fiber diet will help smooth our secretion, lose weight and reduce the risk of digestion disorders.

2.  Detoxification diet

Clean up the waste and harmful toxins from the body is one of the best ways to improve the overall health condition. Toxins are usually accumulated in the digestive tract that is in the colon.

Colon cleansing and detox diet can eliminate toxins in the body and improve the function of the liver, kidneys and heart. Effective detoxification diet is consuming fruits, vegetables, broth, vegetable soup and juices. Some important food for detoxification ie vegetables and fruits of brown rice, wheat, sweet corn, barley, beta carotene (4 types of carrots), celery, watercress, lecithin, spinach, parsley, Brussels sprouts, cabbage leaves, yellow cabbage and red cabbage, soy, ginger, strawberry, papaya, spirulina, spices and citrus.

3.  Drink plenty of water

One way to get rid of toxins in the body is to drink lots of water. By drinking plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses every day will prevent the body from dehydration during the process of colon cleanse.

4.  Drink herbal supplements

Some herbs and supplements serves as a natural and effective laxative to cleanse the colon. Bowtrol™ is a natural herbal colon cleansing treatment of the vital organs and lymphatic system.

Bowtrol™ is a supplement marketed as an herbal colon cleanser. It contains the following ingredients: 

1) Cascara Sagrada, as an herbal laxative

2) Senna, offers laxative effects and is often included herbal detox remedies

3) Flax Seeds, high in soluble fiber that have been shown to serve as a natural laxative

4) Peppermint, to stimulate the flow of bile

5) Garlic, helps boost the immune system

6) Turkey rhubarb

7) Bentonite clay

8) Slippery elm

9) Aloe

10) Wormseed

11) Black seeds

12) Olive leaf extract

13) Thyme oil powder

14) Cloves


Benefits of this detox process include increased absorption of nutrients, improved concentration, weight loss program, clearer skin and better energy.  Bowtrol’s manufacturers also claim that the supplement can help treat gastrointestinal problems like constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating.

Keeping Your Colon Healthy

You can also take these steps everyday to keep your colon healthy:

1) Reduce your consumption of red meat

2) Follow a fiber-rich diet (including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds)

3) Limit your alcohol consumption

4) Exercise regularly



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