Drink this juice help lower your weight 5 kilos in a week

carrot, cucumber for juice
Juice for diet

The weight that rises out of control has always been a health issue warmest. Could be, the weight gain a lot of trouble for the body such unpalatable appearance when seen to increase the risk of disease alarming as cancer, heart attack, and diabetes.

There have been many studies of health that provides surefire tips to lose weight such as exercise, diet or even liposuction. Well, if you are unwilling including complicated path to lose weight, you can try the juice recipes below that is claimed to help lose weight by 5 kg in a week.

To make the juice, you need to prepare materials are carrots, cucumbers, and flax seed. Blender cucumbers and carrots together then sprinkle flax seed on top of the finished juice.

“The third combination of natural ingredients rich in antioxidants that help in increasing the body’s metabolism so that the body’s ability to burn fat also increases. In addition, natural juice can dissolve the accumulation of fat in the arteries so it is useful for preventing certain diseases,” wrote the study that was launched from this boldsky.com.

“Drink this juice every morning, especially when your stomach is empty are very helpful to curb appetite and staying away of the desire to overeat so that you can avoid obesity.”

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