Magic Blood Indicator

Here are the fascinating fact about our blood

1). If the glass is filled with drinking water, fresh human blood dripped, then the water turns red with blood homogeneous mixed without stirring.

● Conclusion:
The drinking water is very good for the body/our blood.

2). Glass filled with saline solution, fresh blood dripped, stirring. Remains well mixed/flat, visible are small blood clots and lumpy.

● Conclusion:
Eating too much salty food the blood becomes thicker, causing blockage of the arteries, the heart must work harder to pump, can lead to high blood pressure and stroke.

3). Filled glass with fried oil, dripped blood. Blood can not mixed and large clot.

● Conclusion:
Eating too much greasy food is not good, cholesterol clog blood vessels flowing to the heart, causing heart disease increase, causes shortness of breath, higher the risk of death.

4). Filled glasses of alcohol, blood dripped. Blood mixed but then turns brown.

● Conclusion:
Alcohol causes the blood/body become damaged.

Let’s tell others may be useful for everybody to care a healthy diet every day.

Keep Healthy….!!!

* Dr. Aishah *


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