The Secret: Slim Naturally Without Drugs

jogging as light exercises

Many ways people do to lose weight because he was afraid with the nickname “Fat”. They were able to do many ways to get a slim body quickly and sometimes they do not think of a negative impact due to a diet program.

Light Exercise

Do light exercise regularly before you work. When the distance between home and work or school is not so far away you can use a bicycle or go on foot.

No Fast Food

Make sure there is a menu of vegetables daily, if you want to have a healthy body and trim naturally then how slim naturally without drugs recommended eating vegetables into your daily menu. Choose fresh ingredients for food, as much as possible and stay away from fast food. Consuming of fish instead of meat, fish freshwater or saltwater fish. Avoid soda drinks with high sugar content and hidden calories.  Drink water at least 10 cups or 2000 ml a day, complete with consuming fresh fruit and milk.

Not Consume These 5 Foods

The experience of successful people to slim without taking drugs is to avoid 5 following foods: rice, coconut milk, sugar, oil and fried food. If you have been accustomed to eating rice it consumes replace white rice with red rice.

Consuming Lemon Juice

Consuming lemon juice in a week can be done during lunch or dinner. Drinking orange lemon juice will help to reduce fat in the body. From experience, by consuming lemon juice for 1 week can reduce weight up to 2 kg.

Consuming lemon for diet fast

Delay Eating Regularly

That is a long time to apply the pattern to eat 8, 6 or 4 hours a day. Morning after wake up do breakfast foods that contain high carbohydrates to a minimum at 12 AM.  If you still hungry, do a dinner maximum at 8 PM. Breakfast at 12 AM or 2 PM or 4 PM.  This way, all your activities from morning until lunch is a quick way as fat burners without special exercise even if you just sit down, the fat burning will processed.

Good Luck…!!!